Why Is MMA Still Considered More Brutal Than Boxing?

So, why is MMA still considered more brutal than boxing?

Is it really more brutal to begin with?

Just recently I was getting my hair cut by my Filipino-American barber, who not surprisingly loves Manny Pacquiao. I haven’t met a Filipino yet who doesn’t worship him?

Well anyway, we start talking about Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather and somehow I couldn’t help myself by throwing in my 2 cents about MMA.

Oh, yeah, now I remember why.

Some time ago I heard that allegedly Floyd Mayweather was considering to compete in MMA.

And I thought well that might be interesting. Now he’s got the striking, moving, conditioning and all that. But what about kicking, grappling, groundfighting etc.?

Well, I guess the name Floyd Mayweather alone would draw some crowds, including PPV, right?

Then my barber said something that got me thinking.

He said that MMA is just simply brutal.

Looking at some of the stats leads me to believe that there might just be a couple of misconceptions through misinformation (intentionally and unintentionally).

There have been way more serious injuries, mainly brain injuries, and some cases even deaths involved in boxing.

And I’m not even going to comment on ear nibbling.

Looking at injuries occurring in MMA you can easily narrow these down to (and I don’t downplay the pain experienced) some like broken nose, pulled ligaments, broken bones (arm, leg) etc.

Yes, some fighters do draw blood during a match especially through cuts around the eyes.

However, what I have noticed is that MMA fights are stopped way faster than boxing matches, when it comes to a MMA fighter with no guard up and taking a beating and this isn’t even figuratively speaking.

This is all to prevent the notion that MMA is more brutal than let’s say boxing.

Yes, in the early days of MMA/Ultimate Fighting/Cage Fighting, whatever you prefer, the rules were ifferent, the level of fighters’ fitness was different, fights were catered to a way smaller group of fans, not necessarily to the broader masses of today.

Especially, UFC with ownership and management of the last couple of years have made major efforts to clean up their act in order to banish the reputation of “human cockfighting” and making it mainstream consumable and so less apparently brutal.

So, why is MMA still considered more brutal than boxing?

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