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Former CNN-Anchorwoman Kicks Some Serious Butt

April 30th, 2010

I actually met this former CNN-anchorwoman around ten years ago in Atlanta at a business function and I must say she did exude this incredible positive energy.

What I did not know about her at the time is that she is definitely a lot more than just another pretty face in front of a TV camera.

A lot more ….

Originally from New Jersey, she started her broadcasting career at a radio station in Colorado before moving on to become a field anchor at a TV station in Jacksonville.

These were important stepping stones before becoming the first woman to solo anchor a prime-time news program at CNN, better known as Headline News from 1983 all the way to 2001.

Now, you probably know who our mystery woman is.

She is ….. drumroll please …. Lynne Russell.

Millions of us know her as the presenter of news, but what I found out after she left CNN is that Lynne Russell has also worked as a private investigator and a deputy sheriff.

Listen up you martial artists and martial arts enthusiasts:

Lynne Russell is even a 2nd degree black belt in Choi Kwang Do and can kick some serious butt.

I thought you might appreciate this behind the camera story.

Antonio Graceffo a.k.a. Brooklyn Monk Is The Martial Arts Globetrotter

Martial arts and foreign travel. What a great combination!

I am still enthusiastic about martial arts, even in my 50s. Why else would I be blogging about the stuff?!

And I am probably just as excited about foreign travel, because I just enjoy constantly learning about all kinds of different cultures and their people. I have been very fortunate to have travelled and experienced first-hand close to 50 or so countries so far. There are still a bunch of places I haven’t been to yet, but will certainly in the foreseeable future. Life is too short not to. What are we here for anyway?! I don’t want to get too philosophical today, maybe another day.

While I am not travelling, but feel like learning more about let’s say Asian countries, I will just venture out to an ethnic restaurant for a yummy meal and strike up a conversation with the people working there.

Just like last night, I met the nicest people, from South China and Indonesia. It was a great experience. The food was fantastic, too.

Well, guys, today it looks like I have come across a guy who is right up our alley.

He is from Brooklyn (man, thinking about it, I was born there, but left the Big Apple decades ago). He is smart, funny, loves martial arts, can’t get rid of the travel bug and is multi-lingual, for starters. Were we separated at birth? Is he my brother from another mother?

He is Antonio Graceffo, also known as Brooklyn Monk.

Following his landmark decision to quit his job on Wall Street in 2001 and become a martial arts student, the book Warrior Odyssey captures his ongoing adventure across the Far East.

Antonio Graceffo is the host of the web TV show, Martial Arts Odyssey and an adventure travel and martial arts author living in Asia.

Antonio has studied Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple in China, and Muay Thai in Thailand. When not training or writing, he works as a martial arts consultant for TV shows: Human WeaponDigging for the TruthKill Arman, The Art of FightingSamantha Brown’s Asia, and Thai TV shows about Muay Thai Chaiya and the Kun Khmer Champions in Cambodia.

Beyond martial arts, Antonio is also a skilled linguist, with fluency in multiple languages including Thai, Khmer, Mandarin Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, and French.

Enjoy meeting Anontio Graceffo right here!