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You Want This Former UFC Champ In Your Corner During A Bar Fight

You want this former UFC Champ in your corner during a bar fight.

And he even speaks Dutch just in case (oranje boven!).

Deep down, we all want to speak Dutch. Just admit it! I’m just kidding.

His name is ….. drumroll, please …. the amazing Bas “El Guapo” Rutten.

Years ago he started his martial arts career over in The Netherlands with Tae Kwon Do, Oyama Karate and Muay Thai.

He can kick like a mule, so stay out of his way.

Later on he got involved in Pancrase and Ultimate Fighting. I guess you could consider Bas Rutten one of the pioneers of UFC.

After an extremely successful UFC career, this illlustrious Mixed Martial Artist moved on to become an IFL coach and a highly sought-after fight commentator.

El Guapo is always up to some sort of crank and just loves to joke around.
Heck, he even cracked me up as a bouncer on the successful TV sitcom “The King of Queens” with Kevin James. His real life experience as a bouncer came in pretty handy.

Now, I am not entirely sure but I thought I just recently saw him in the movie “Mall Cop” again with Kevin James (who has been known to train with Randy “The Natural” Couture). I believe he plays the drill sergeant at the beginning of the movie.

It’s safe to say: You want this former UFC Champ in your corner during a bar fight.

Why? Just check out this clip (short version) and you’ll know why!

Viewer discretion is advised. This video is for informational purpose only.
Do not try any of this at home or your next bar visit!

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