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One Very Tough Conditioning Workout By The God Of Pro Wrestling

I believe that cross-training along with conditioning will make you a better athlete and martial artist.

Several years ago I stumbled across conditioning exercises that originated in India and that will make you gasp for air and what’s really cool, you don’t need any equipment or even a lot of space to do them.

Known in Japan as ‘The God Of Wrestling’, Karl Gotch incorporated a lot of these same exercises into
his incredibly rigorous training regimes, for himself and his students.

Born Karl Istaz in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1924, he later became famous as Karl Gotch.
He was an excellent amateur wrestler who even competed for Belgium at the 1948 Olympics in freestyle and Greco-Roman disciplines.

Gotch later wrestled in the United States and at the end of his illustrious career in Japan after which he went on to train other professional wrestlers.
His training in traditional Indian wrestling along with bodyweight calisthenic execerises contributed to his extraordinary leg endurance and strength.

Three exercises that stand out and together are considered “The Royal Court” are the following:
- Bridge, Hindu squats, and Hindu push-ups.

If you happen to have a deck of 52 playing cards, you are closer to having the Karl Gotch Bible than you think.
The conditioning workout that I found at SensibleBeing.com goes something like this:

Clubs: Double the value for Hindu Squats.
Spades: Double value for Hindu Jumper Squats.
Diamonds: Number value for Straight Pushups (or half moon pushups)
Hearts: Number value for Hindu Pushups.

Number Cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)= Given value.
Face cards (Jacks, Queens, Kings)= 10 value.
Aces= 11 value.
Jokers= 20 value.

Shuffle the deck well. Deal the top card. Do the number and exercise for that card. Then, without rest, deal the second card, and on and on until the entire deck is finished.

For example we will look at 10 random cards…

3 of Clubs= 6 squats
Jack of Spaids= 20 jumpers
King of Hearts= 10 hindu pushups
6 of Diamonds= 6 pushups
9 of spaids= 18 jumpers
King of Clubs= 20 squats
Joker= 40 squats or 20 hindu pushups
Jack of Diamonds= 10 pushups
Ace of Spaids= 22 jumpers
3 of Hearts= 3 hindu pushups

According to SensibleBeing.com, this workout done at a reasonable pace should take about 30 minutes.

And because visuals make it all easier to understand and to execute, here’s a video clip I found for you: