Independence Day

Happy Fourth Of July!

For most people living in the United States of America, July 4th is one of the most important official holidays and a day off from work.

It is also an opportunity to hang out with friends and family, to eat hot dogs and burgers, to enjoy watching fireworks, to remember those who fight and have fought for the liberties formulated in the Declaration of Independence and later in the U.S. Constitution.

Yet, I ask myself if the Founding Fathers were even in a celebratory mood on July 4, 1776? Something tells me that when they declared their independence from Great Britain, they were pretty much aware of the gravitas of their decision and action.

If you are at all interested in U.S. American history and the foresight of a handful of men such as John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, just to name a few, I strongly recommend watching the HBO 4-part series “John Adams”.

Here some defining scenes of how it all might have happened:

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