You do understand that TheMartialArtsReporter.com is a personal blog.

All views and opinions displayed and expressed are our own.

They are not the views and opinions of the individuals, institutions or
organizations that we may or may not be related with, unless we otherwise clearly say so.

Also, let’s face it, even our thoughts and opinions may change from time to time.

This blog can only provide a snapshot of insights, thought and views
at a given time.

We reserve the right to and adapt our insights, thoughts, and views
over time and to change them without assigning any reason at all.

TheMartialArtsReporter.com may contain links to other sites and blogs that are operated by other parties.

TheMartialArtsReporter.com only provides these to offer you easy access.

We are in no way responsible for any content of any other sites or blogs or for any products or any services offered through other sites or blogs.

Please note that all contents of TheMartialArtsReporter.com are really for informational and entertainment purposes only.

It is not a substitute for advice or instruction from trained martial arts experts or instructors.

You are made aware that any type of martial arts training is a physical

Before starting any kind of training you are advised to consult with your physician.

Further, you are made aware that there is always a risk when participating in any kind of physical training.

Taking part in any type of martial arts, sports and fitness related activity can result in injuries including permanent disability or even in the worst case, in death.

Final warning:

Anything you take away fromTheMartialArtsReporter.com is absolutely not a substitute for a martial arts school or instructor with proven credentials.

Anything said, described or displayed is used at your own risk.

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