TheMartialArtsReporter At The Beach … Some Years Ago

Let’s just blame it all on Bruce Lee!

What Bruce Lee put on display in “Enter The Dragon” was the main reason The Martial Arts Reporter got hooked on martial arts in the first place …way back in the mid 70’s.

Since the only style that appealed to him and offered in his home town at the time was traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate, it just seemed logical for him to dive right into it.

Studying under accomplished trainers like Andre Dillar and Daniele Chiumento (currently 5th Dan) and training diligently, he gradually rose through the ranks at a local karate club to become an instructor, respected by students and peers.

Training and teaching during the week and attending seminars and competing at tournaments on the weekends truly became more than just a hobby.

Martial arts became his passion!

Quenching his thirst to learn more about other martial arts styles, yours truly, The Martial Arts Reporter also attended classes in Judo and Aikido to add to his martial arts “toolbox”.
Several years of Western boxing training complemented his workout regimen.

Years later, he dared once again to step outside of his comfort zone to experience Wing Chun, Jun Fan and Jeet Kune Do under the guidance of world-renowned martial arts instructor, Sifu Francis Fong.

Martial Arts Legend Dan Inosanto & TheMartialArtsReporter at Sifu Francis Fong's Martial Arts Academy

Martial Arts Legend Dan Inosanto & TheMartialArtsReporter

Later he studied Muay Thai and MMA under the tutelage of Richard Trammel and Pedro Villalobos.

After years of martial arts training and extensive travelling to 4 continents and more than 40 countries, The Martial Arts Reporter continues to absorb and share related topics with his fellow martial artists through the creation of this Weblog.

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