Is Dan Inosanto The World’s Most Versatile Mixed Martial Artist?

Guro Dan Inosanto was one of only three Jeet Kune Do Instructors certified by Bruce Lee way back in the early 70s. They were very close friends until Bruce Lee’s untimely passing.

Guro Dan is said to have taught Bruce quite a bit about Filipino stick fighting as well as nunchaku.

Along with movie career as an actor and stuntman, Guro Dan has been teaching JKD Concepts for close to 40 years now, besides many other styles all over the world.

In my humble opinion, he has made his friend and teacher Bruce Lee mighty proud.

Even at the age of 73, Guro Dan is an avid learner and the eternal student himself.
He has mastered well over 25 different martial arts styles such as Escrima Kali, Jun Fan, American Kenpo under Grandmaster Ed Parker, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wing Chun, Judo,  and Shooto Wrestling. The list goes on to make you dizzy.

Here he is practicing with BJJ great John Machado:

YouTube Preview Image

He still travels to hold numerous seminars every year to share his vast knowledge
and love for martial arts when he’s not teaching at his school at Marina Del Rey, CA.

So, besides being one of the nicest guys who will ever meet, is Guro Dan Inosanto most probably the world’s most versatile Mixed Martial Artist alive today?

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