Girl Power Expressed Through Karate Kata Perfection

If you have been following this blog lately you probably have noticed that I like to mix things up between different martial arts styles such as Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu aka BJJ aka Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Western Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun Kung Fu, just to name a few.

Today, I’m in the mood for some really impressive Karate moves. The kind of moves you see when true artists are at work or better performing a kata.

For those of you not familiar with kata, here a short description:

Kata is a Japanese word for choreographed patterns of movements that can be performed either solo or in pairs or even groups.

Kata is commonly known in the Japanese martial arts such as Aikido, Judo, Karate, Iaido and others.

You come across patterns of movements in other non-Japanese martial arts such as Tai Chi Chuan and Taekwondo. They just use Chinese and Korean words instead.

To get a better idea of what karate kata perfection looks like, have a look at this video clip of the Japanese Female Kata Team competing in 2008.

Amazing! But I will let you be the judge.

Michael Kuhr, Former Kickboxing Champion, Now Security Professional High In Demand In Berlin

Michael Kuhr from Germany gained fame through his numerous amateur kickboxing championship titles.

He then went pro and became Germany’s first World Champion in Kickboxing.

Years have passed since his bouts in the ring.

Michael Kuhr now runs a successful security company in the German capital of Berlin.

This is a tough business that calls for discipline, integrity and a cool head when things around you heat up.

In certain circles he is simply known as ‘Der Pate’, which translates into English as ‘The Godfather’.

Michael Kuhr has become a celebrity on German TV because of his professionalism and the success he enjoys in Berlin.

To get you acquainted with Michael Kuhr, here is a video clip of him as a worlclass kickboxer.

The first one shows him as a kickboxing champion and the second one displays his de-escalation skills as a bouncer in his current line of business.